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In Anahim Lake, there is an abundance of animals needing help. With few options for population control, we see dozens of animals (including entire litters) who need help and homes each year. And this is only one community! There are dozens if not hundreds more in the same circumstances in BC.

Our Safe Haven Program gives these animals a safe place to land. Meghan & Nate accept pregnant dogs and cats, litters, and individual animals that are found, surrendered, or abandoned. These animals are housed and cared for until transfer can be arranged to a partner rescue or shelter.

Of course, not every animal needs rescue! We believe in promoting responsible ownership, and helping our community members set their pets up for happy, safe, successful lives. We provide education, first aid, outreach, and a food/supply bank so that pets in loving homes can stay in those homes.



Improving the quality of life for animals means that ending the cycle of breeding needs to be a priority.

Our community members love their pets and many are dedicated to giving them the best life possible. Unfortunately, financial and travel considerations mean that spay/neuter is inaccessible for many families. We want to change that.

We will work with community partners to connect our community with spay/neuter subsidies and arrange our Road Trips throughout the year to connect pets with vets. While we would ideally like to have a spay/neuter clinic come to the community, the logistics and legalities in BC make this prohibitive for us at this time.

So if the vets can't come to us, we go to the vets! It costs $75 to get a cat or dog on a Road Trip. It's a whirlwind trip to Williams Lake and back, but each surgery guarantees a better life for the animal, and fewer unwanted litters in -40 Chilcotin temperatures.



On the Southern Coast of BC, there is a huge will to help animals, and multiple sources for donated food and supplies. In other regions, especially as you travel North, there are fewer resources and many grassroots rescues operate out-of-pocket.

To address this gap, Wild West Animal League partnered with volunteers and community groups to set up The Good Haul: Animal Food and Supply Transport in BC. This Network collects pet food and supplies and facilitates transport to BC rescues, organizations, community organizers, and food banks.