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With few options for population control in BC's remote communities, we see hundreds of cats and dogs who need help each year - in the Chilcotin region alone.

We work with local community organizers to help people and pets. We are inspired by the animal lovers in these small communities that are supporting others, often paying out of their own pockets for food, supplies and support. They may be housing animals, providing transport, helping move unwanted animals to other rescues, or managing cat colonies. These superheroes are everywhere: we are here to support and celebrate them. 

Most importantly, these individuals work within local communities and have built relationships and trust. We are here to listen and support, providing funding, connections to appropriate resources, food/supply banks, and educational resources.





Improving the quality of life for animals means that ending the cycle of breeding needs to be a priority.

People love love their pets and many are dedicated to giving them the best life possible. Unfortunately, financial and travel considerations mean that spay/neuter is inaccessible for many families. We want to change that.

We work with community partners to offer spay/neuter subsidies and transportation assistance to help access this life-changing surgery. We can work with local community advocates or organizations who identify where there is need, and when they can arrange logistics, we will pay transportation and/or vet bills directly. 

On the Southern Coast of BC, there is a huge will to help animals, and multiple sources for donated food and supplies. In other regions, especially as you travel North, there are fewer resources and many grassroots rescues operate out-of-pocket.

To address this gap, Wild West Animal League partnered with volunteers and community groups to set up The Good Haul: Animal Food and Supply Transport in BC. This Network collects pet food and supplies and facilitates transport to BC rescues, organizations, community organizers, and food banks.

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