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We receive a lot of inquiries asking if we have animals for adoption. We understand why - most organizations that rescue animals also foster them and are actively looking for homes. We take a different approach.


In BC, we estimate that there are close to 200 active rescues, ranging from large, well-funded groups to a single individual adopting animals from their home.

Each of these organizations has some level of expertise, supplies, volunteer networks, and the ability to screen for excellent homes. We don't feel that we can do this at the same level as a reputable rescue can, and we don't wish to duplicate efforts of some of the excellent established rescues out there.

Our time and donations can go further if we focus on what we're good at - helping animals that are stray, surrendered, or abandoned. Once they are safe and stabilized, we transfer them to reputable shelters and rescues where they can be cared for and matched with loving homes. 

The majority of homeless animals we encounter are transferred to the SPCA - Williams Lake & District Branch. We also work with rescues on the South Coast from time to time.

This means that if you see a cute pet on our page, we unfortunately cannot accept adoption applications for him or her. We are happy to let you know where the animal was transferred in case you would like to contact that organization, but we do not do direct placements. We hope you understand and support our position. At Wild West Animal League, the best interest of the animals is our number one priority.

If you are looking to adopt, check out our Rescue List!

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