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In the last 5-10 years we have seen a massive shift in the importation and marketing of dogs from other countries. These dogs are perceived to have more immediate and serious needs than the dogs in our local communities.

There is a kernel to truth to this. The number of adoptable dogs in the Metro Vancouver shelter system has decreased, while demand for adoptable dogs has increased. This creates a market for mass importation, irresponsible rescue practices, unethical breeding, and other animal trafficking practices.

But make no mistake - there is certainly a homeless animal and overpopulation crisis in our province. It is out of sight of most Metro Vancouver dwellers, who literally line up to adopt dogs fresh off the truck from Arizona or a plane from Mexico. It is the dogs in our rural, remote, and First Nations communities.

In Anahim Lake in the southern interior, Meghan and her partner Nate’s home has become an impromptu shelter for her community. Dogs are dropped off at her work or home, sometimes weekly. Litters of puppies and kittens are surrendered to her on a regular basis, and she has transported up to 30 at a time.


While nearby vets and shelters do their best to help, “nearby” means a minimum four-hour drive, sometimes in treacherous conditions. Rescuers like Meghan and Nate need our help.

What's more, consider what is happening to communities that don’t have a Meghan and Nate. Before they moved to the area in 2017 the prospects for abandoned animals were extremely bleak. 


For a province that has so much love, compassion, and adoptive homes available for dogs from other countries, why are we letting this happen in our own backyard?


If we can rally together to transport a truck of dogs from Texas or Mexico, why is Meghan struggling to help a litter of puppies in Anahim Lake?

We have founded Wild West Animal League to bridge this gap. While this organization is starting out as Meghan, Nate, and a few passionate friends and supporters, we hope to rally animal lovers around the province and fill a serious animal welfare need.

We are a registered non-profit society in the Province of BC.